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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who can use this site?
A: The site is open to all.  However, only IAYT members and SYTAR presenters may upload material. All material is reviewed and must be approved by the site editors before viewable on the site.  IAYT members are encouraged to submit material to share that is consistent with the site mission. 

Registration/Password Issues
Q: How do I register?
A: Click the CREATE ACCOUNT link on the light blue bar above. (Note, this is a different system than iayt.org, and hence you will need to create a separate account for this system.  Your username and password may be the same, however). 

 Q: How do I change my password?
A. Go to "My IAYT Digital Library" from the home page and click edit my profile.

Profile/Group Issues
Q: How do I create my profile?
A: After you register, Click on the "My IAYT Digital Library" in the upper right hand corner.  Then, notice your "My Profile" section on the right hand side.  Click "Edit" to create and edit your profile. 

We encourage all members interested in participating in Group Discussions to create a profile and upload their picture.  (bios are not generally visible yet, but should be an added feature in the future). 

 Q: What are Groups and How do I join one?
A. Groups are designed to promote discussion and collaboration on special interests and topics.  So far, the most active group appears to be the Members Schools and Council of Schools Initiative.  Members of groups can contribute to Group Discussions via Threads. 
Groups can be closed to the public and limited to members of that group.  Currently only the Administrator (John Kepner) can create or close groups. 

To Join a Group,
Click on the "My IAYT Digital Library" in the upper right hand corner.  Then, notice your "My Groups" section on the lower right hand corner.  Click "Edit" to join any visible group you are interested in. 

Groups are fun!  and indeed, a central purpose of this site.   We are just learning how to use groups.  the Administrator, (John Kepner) may edit or delete some of the original groups as we learn more about these. 

Search Issues
Q: How do I find and access materials?
A. You may do a search from the SEARCH box in the top right corner of the home page or you may browse for materials using the Browse link of the blue bar above. Once you see a resource you want to review, just click the title of that resource to find out more information and download any accompanying material.

Q: When are new materials searchable?
A. After new materials are screened, they are indexed by the server that evening. Thus, anything uploaded will not be returned in the search until the day after it is approved and indexed.

Submitting Materials
Q: How do I submit materials?
A. Go to UPLOAD on the light blue bar above.

Q: How did IAYT develop its headings, or indexing methodology?
A: IAYT developed a Topical classification system based upon the classic Human Systems and the most Common Ailments that may be addressed by Yoga, as used in Yoga Therapy Rx by Larry Payne, PhD and Richard Usatine, MD and Yoga for Wellness, by Gary Kraftsow. 

We have also developed other Topics to more or less follow the evolving SYTAR structure and the International Journal of Yoga Therapy.  We will also additional Topics to meet special needs, such as the Council of Schools.  

We are open to discussion and improvements for our indexing system.  Our goal is to make this classification system easy to use and intuitive for all. 

Q: What can I do to improve my submissions?
A: Please make your submission as user-friendly as possible for others. For PowerPoint presentations: 1) state your learner objectives at the beginning and have a summary slide at the end, 2) add notes to your PowerPoint slides to describe anything that would not be obvious to the viewer of the slide, and 3)compress all photos to web resolution using the picture dialogue box or picture bar to make your presentations smaller for uploading and downloading. Remove cartoons, photos and diagrams for which you do not hold the copyright unless you have written permission from the creator of these figures.

Permission/Copyright Issues
Q: What if I’m not certain that I own the copyright for some materials – may I still post it?
A: Only claim authorship of the materials if you are certain that you are the creator. You don’t have to have a written copyright. For additional questions about permissions and copyright issues go to http:/www.copyright.com

Q: Can I post materials that have images that I have obtained from a Google search or off some else’s Web site?
A: It is safer to avoid this altogether. If the image is crucial to your material, be sure that permission is granted and you attribute the image to the original source.

Q: If I post my materials for others to use, do I still “own” the copyright?
A: Yes, you will still "own" the copyright and have the right to use your own work.

Contact Us
Q: Who should we contact with questions?
A: John Kepner  (IAYT Executive Director).