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Welcome to the IAYT Digital Resources Library!

What You Will Find Here:

The purpose of the  IAYT Digital Resources Library is to skillfully present user-posted conference presentations and handouts, as well as other shared resources that support professional education and research in our field.  

This library also supports common interest "Groups" and provides work areas for group discussions, for group specific resources, and for WebSpaces (with wikis) that allow group members to add and edit content.  

To seed this library, we uploaded all of the available presentations from IAYT's first Symposium on Yoga Therapy and Research (SYTAR 2007),  Many of the presentations from SYTAR 2008 have also been uploaded.

As knowledge of the DRL waxes, "Groups" are being formed, each with their own editor,  to support distinct common interests, such as the Council of Schools and Yoga Research. 

Please feel free to explore the site, review the material and even rate the postings. 

This site is open to all.  However, only IAYT members may upload material.  All material is reviewed before posting. 

The site is still under development,  (Translated, we are still learning how to drive this "Porsche").  Suggestions are welcome!.

IAYT DRL Mission

To support and enhance the sharing and collaborative development of educational resources among Yoga teachers, Yoga therapists, healthcare professionals and Yoga researchers through a Digital Library that includes resources for all.

The IAYT Digital Resources Library is the most exciting development in sharing the wealth of Yoga knowledge and research with the world.  It allows Yoga therapists, researches and teachers to collaborate and share their ideas for the advancement of the science and art of Yoga.

Richard Usatine MD

The IAYT Digital Resources Library is a premier resource for all Yoga Therapy training programs and will play a vital role in establishing Yoga as a respected and valued modality internationally
 Larry Payne Ph.D. E-RYT 500

A resource library, especially for a field in its embryonic stages, as is the case for Yoga therapy, is of immense use in allowing easy access to information in the field from experts and colleagues.  It is also an invaluable tool for enhancing potential research collaborations amongst therapists and Yoga therapy researchers. 

Sat Bir Khalsa, PhD and Karen Sherman, PhD, MPH
Co-Chairs, SYTAR 2008 Scientific Committee

IAYT's Digital Resource Library enables the experienced to inform and ignite a dialog amongst the growing collective of yoga teachers exploring this new field. This matrix of information is a valuable resource to help maintain standards, support and shape yoga therapy. 

Lisa Walford, Yoga Works
E-RYT500, Senior Iyengar Yoga Instructor

John Kepner,  Editor in Chief ( IAYT Executive Director)
Maryanna Klatt, PhD,  Research Editor (Ohio State University)
John Kepner, Interim Editor, Member Schools and Council of Schools Initiative Group.
Leigh Blashki, Editor,  Australian Association of Yoga Therapists Group

Bonnie Wiesner, PhD, Editor, Mental and Emotional Well-Being

IAYT is currently seeking additional editors for Common Interest Communities and other special interest groups to help develop this library to its full potential.   Experience with associations and modern digital libraries would be a plus.  If you are interested, contact John Kepner, IAYT Executive Directors.  Groups should serve a well defined need, have a clear mission and have qualified professional leadership with the time and energy to support the group.  
This resource is made available through the generosity of Richard Usatine, MD,  Editor in Chief of the Family Medicine Digital Resources Library and a member of IAYT's Advisory Council and SYTAR presenter.   Generous technical support has been provided by Traci Nolte and others at the FMDRL.   Additional financial support has been provided by  the Yoga Research and Educational Foundation and the California Yoga Teachers Association.  Visit www.fmdrl.org to see more of the background of this effort and insight into the potential of this library.


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SYTAR 2014

The Symposium on Yoga Therapy and Research

June 5-8,  2014 Austin, TX

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SYR 2014

The Symposium on Yoga Research (SYR) September 24-26.

Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health, Stockton, MA

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